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Cutting-Edge Cabin Management Solutions for Enhancing the Cabin Experience in Today’s Aircraft

ArgonFDS is a proud member of the Spectra Aerospace & Defense family of companies. We produce customized cabin avionics that fit the needs of both the airline and private aviation markets.

These include a variety of cutting-edge solutions which enhance the cabin experience:

  • Cabin Management Systems
  • In-Flight Entertainment
  • Moving Maps
  • Displays

Cabin Management Systems

Our Cabin Management Systems provide an intuitive and modern interface every passenger will feel comfortable using. Our systems integrate with all cabin amenity and audio/video equipment to create an immersive in-flight experience with total control.

Taking the experience one step further, we have put extra effort and placed a high degree of importance on keeping our user interface easy and fun to use. With our customizable software, our customers are able to personalize their cabin experience. We make it possible to do everything in the air, just as you would enjoy on the ground.


In-Flight Entertainment

Whether you want to watch the latest movies or catch up on your favorite TV shows, ArgonFDS has you covered with our extensive line of In-Flight Entertainment products. From watching your own content to enjoying the latest Hollywood movies, passengers will be captivated throughout the flight. Our streaming media technology delivers entertainment to cabin displays and streams wirelessly to personal devices.

Moving Maps

ArgonFDS offers immersive Moving Map solutions which deliver breathtaking in-flight information. Our exclusive Glass Cabin technology allows occupants to use their personal device as a virtual window to view a synthetic world as they fly past.

We go beyond convention to create a truly captivating passenger experience.

Tablet Moving Map

Inside Aircraft Moving Map


ArgonFDS provides a robust line of crystal-clear HD and 4K displays. With different sizes and mounting options, our displays are designed to fit any cabin or seatback. All current and future video inputs are integrated to provide compatibility with any existing technology and emerging technologies.

With ArgonFDS, customers are truly encouraged to “Sit back and enjoy the best displays in the air.”

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