Ruggedized Displays and Computing Solutions That Are Tailored to Your Exact Needs, Whether Military or Commercial

ArgonFDS has a long and verifiable track-record of providing customized Displays and Computing Solutions to both the worldwide Military C5ISR market and the Commercial & Business Aviation markets. Industry leaders, Argon Corporation and FDS Avionics, were combined into the single operating company – ArgonFDS – back in early 2021, in conjunction with Argon Corporation and FDS Avionics becoming part of Spectra Aerospace & Defense.

ArgonFDS brings over 30 years of experience in designing, producing, and supporting both the military and commercial/business aviation markets.

Rugged Mission-Critical Display and Computing Solutions

ArgonFDS brings over 30 years of experience in designing, producing, and supporting a wide range of rugged military computing and display solutions that serve demanding land-based, naval, and airborne command and control applications worldwide.

ArgonFDS offers a variety of solutions that minimize Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) while maintaining state-of-the-art visualization and computing performance.

ArgonFDS has the depth of knowledge & experience to manufacture and deliver an exceptionally high-quality product to the field and to support that product for years to come. ArgonFDS has cultivated an upstanding reputation in the aerospace and defense market by lowering customers’ technical and schedule risks.

ArgonFDS prides itself on working collaboratively with customers to precisely achieve their desired solution. We match requirements with our exacting standards. Our products have demonstrated longevity and high reliability in a range of challenging environments and conditions and this has earned ArgonFDS the reputation of being a partner our customers can trust.

ArgonFDS’s trusted, mission-critical systems work when it matters most.

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Rugged Military Displays Rugged Computing Rugged Peripherals

Custom Display Solutions for the Commercial and Business Aviation Markets

For the Commercial and Business Aviation markets, ArgonFDS provides clients with In-Flight Entertainment, Cabin Management Systems, Moving Maps, and high-quality, industry-leading, Display Solutions for crystal-clear viewing enjoyment.

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Business & Commercial Aviation


ArgonFDS has been part of Spectra Aerospace & Defense since February 2021.


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