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Our Well-Established Quality Systems Ensure That Customers Have The Results They Need for Mission Success

With an ongoing tradition of excellence, the Spectra family of companies is proud of its long track record of providing innovative, cost-effective and highly reliable solutions for an extensive list of high-profile missions and programs in the aerospace & defense as well as commercial aviation industries. This success is due, in part, to the quality management systems and standardization practices adopted across the Spectra organization.

A well-documented quality management system (QMS) is the backbone of any successful organization. This system fosters continuous improvement, provides operational consistency, reduces waste, and promotes a culture of quality and accountability. Importantly, a functional and certified QMS will ensure an organization remains focused on the customer’s best interest, a concept firmly at the heart of Spectra’s Values and Culture.

Spectra Aerospace & Defense companies provide exceptional customer service and product satisfaction. We work collaboratively with our customers to accurately capture and meet their mission requirements from the start of engagement to the deliverable, which is paramount to achieving exceptional service. Our well-established, audited quality systems ensure that Spectra customers always have the results they need to succeed.

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