Open Architecture

Today’s Customers are Seeking a Higher Level of Assurance and Standardization From Their Technology Partners

Spectra’s commitment to uncompromised product quality, reliability, and focus on customer satisfaction fully complement the intrinsic nature of an open architecture system.

The Spectra family of companies embrace open architecture when designing and engineering our rugged End-to-End Information Products & Systems.

While there are numerous reasons to leverage open-architecture systems, the most valuable benefit is the elevated flexibility and enhanced capability afforded to the customer. Furthermore, the standardization naturally inherent with open architecture systems can minimize overall downtime, reduce financial waste, eliminate guesswork, ensure higher quality technical support, and promote knowledge retention on complex systems.

By employing an open architecture methodology, we can design and engineer our system-level and board-level products with the customer’s best interests in mind…a concept proudly at the heart of Spectra’s Values and Culture.

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