Rugged Peripherals


Flexible Computing Peripherals Designed for Inflexible Operating Environments

From an extremely rugged compact design to a full rugged desktop solution, ArgonFDS’ keyboards are designed to fit your specific application. We provide a variety of options such as NVIS compatible backlit keys and buttons, sealed and backlit keys, customer indicators and buttons, along with integrated trackballs.

ArgonFDS offers Rugged KVM Switches that will assure information security when it is needed most. Our KVM solutions are a low cost, effective solution when HMI control over remote computing is required, thus supporting reduced manpower needs and computer control in remote environments or even environments which are not “person friendly”.

Rugged Peripherals “come along for the ride” with our Rugged Display Systems and Rugged Computing Solutions and ArgonFDS is willing and able to support these Peripherals needs to meet customer needs.

The customer is always assured of a solution that solves their complete Visualization System needs and provides full interoperability of the various components – all from one company. Flexibility to meet precise needs is the Spectra way.

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