Rugged Mission Data Recorders


Innovative, Rugged, Mission-Critical Data Recorders with Unmatched Reliability

Spectra companies have a long and successful history of designing and engineering cutting-edge C5ISR information solutions for defense applications across the globe. Two members of the Spectra family of companies – CALCULEX and Galleon Embedded Computing – boast decades of experience in the design and manufacture of data recording technologies for the primary purpose of supporting national security requirements around the world… in the air, on land, at sea, and in space.


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CALCULEX® Rugged Data Recorders

The RIPR® (Recorder Integrated Processor and Router) Family of Rugged Data Recorders are designed and engineered to meet the strict military requirements inherent in a theater of combat. With the RIPR family, all data recording complies with the IRIG 106 Chapter 10 standard co-authored by CALCULEX and the US Air Force.

The small, stackable, and reconfigurable nature of the RIPR product line affords the agility, flexibility, and environmental protection needed for unique scenarios.

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Available in user-configured or fixed selectable I/O modules, CALCULEX Rugged Data Recorders are ideal for:

  • Unmanned Systems (UAS, UGV, UUV)
  • Military Ground Vehicles
  • Military & Commercial Aircraft
  • Airborne Pods
  • Flight Test Applications, and more

CALCULEX has a long history of providing rugged and secure data recording solutions for numerous high-profile programs worldwide. Their methodologies have been proven time and again, making them an intelligent choice for secure, mission-critical defense electronics and software systems for both operational fleet aircraft and for the flight test community.


Galleon Rugged Data Recorders

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Galleon’s extremely rugged, secure data recorders are SWaP-C optimized and offer ultra-high storage densities, completely customized to application-specific needs. Whether it’s low-power/restricted payload requirements for recording on unmanned systems to full HD video recording on full-sized transport aircraft, Galleon has a solution for quickly capturing and encrypting the end-user’s data.

The XSR Recorder & G1 microRecorder systems are outfitted with high-density industrial-grade MLC storage. Referred to as RDMs (Removable Data Modules), Galleon’s storage solutions allow for nearly instant turnaround times between missions. The ability to easily transport the data between vehicles, aircraft, command stations, or the lab is an industry-recognized differentiator.

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Galleon’s rugged, secure data recorders are ideal for:

  • Flight Test Data Logging
  • Unmanned Systems Data Recording (UAS, UGV, UUV)
  • Multi-sensor Data Recording
  • HD Video Recording
  • C5ISR Data Capture

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