Values & Culture

Mission Success Depends on Spectra Solutions

We are a trusted group of aerospace and defense companies and a trusted leader in high-performance C5ISR-enabling technologies.

Together, Spectra companies ensure mission readiness.

Building & earning trust over complex, long-term programs in support of every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces – and its allies – underscores all of our Values.



Our Values

The Spectra family of companies is customer-centric, committed to building strong, trusted, responsive, and lasting relationships with our customers & end-users.

Spectra companies demonstrate a tangible commitment to making decisions that benefit the customer & prioritize their needs.

To meet our customers’ application-specific needs, we listen carefully and adapt our baseline products to meet these needs, always striving to get technically superior results, on time, and at reasonable prices.

We are committed to being easy to work with and quick to respond.

We aim to deliver rugged, secure, military electronic solutions that precisely meet the customer’s mission-critical requirements, operating with the agility and flexibility needed to meet national security needs…in today’s dynamic and challenging environments.


Transparency guides our communications with our customers, our suppliers, our partners, and our teammates.

We report issues when we encounter them, always providing clear, honest, and timely communications in support of the mission.

Delivering what we promise is at the heart of the Spectra way. We take great pride in overcoming all obstacles and meeting our commitments.

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