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An Innovative and Agile Provider of Rugged and Secure C5ISR-Enabling Technologies

Founded in 2009, Galleon Embedded Computing quickly earned a reputation as an innovative and agile provider of Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) rugged computing products for the defense and aerospace market.

Meticulously designed and engineered to support national security requirements around the world, Galleon’s secure and reliable C5ISR-enabling technologies promote a tactical advantage and foster peace of mind in the harshest battlefield conditions possible.


There are numerous types of data processing applications that Galleon offers; however, there are three common examples:

  • Video Processing – Video Processing applications can take extensive amounts of data and make it manageable by employing pre-processing, filtering, and compression techniques. The ability to present data in an attractive and easy-to-understand format greatly benefits the operator, who can quickly summarize and store important information.
  • Application Processing – Galleon Mission Computers are commonly used for digital signal processing (DSP), CSISR data processing, in-flight entertainment systems, and the processing of large digital data streams.
  • Mission Processing – Mission Processing applications can be used to support:
    • Weapons Analysis
    • Mission Planning and Navigation
    • Enhanced Situational Awareness
    • Vehicle Status Reporting

Storing & Serving

Galleon’s High-Density Secure Storage & File Server Solutions

Serving as an integral support piece to the Capture & Process categories, Galleon’s high-density secure storage and file server solutions are both used to serve files to another computing system. It provides the needed capacity and transfer speed to house large amounts of data for on-the-fly review while maintaining a secure and reliable connection.

Galleon’s rugged military computing solutions are intentionally designed and engineered to handle unique and varying payload requirements. From ultra-small, low-power scenarios intended for unmanned operations to full-size manned-transport applications, Galleon has proven experience meeting the diverse needs of its customers and their mission.

Galleon’s SWaP-C optimized solutions are actively serving in all modern warfare domains, ranging from the depths of our oceans through the vacuum of space, and everywhere in between. Galleon’s highly skilled team of engineers applies the latest technologies within a well-established framework of industry standards, leading to products that consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Galleon Embedded Computing has developed and implemented a Quality Assurance System that is structured to meet the requirements of AS 9100.

Galleon’s trusted mission-critical systems work when it matters most.

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