Exploiting the Air Domain with C5ISR Technologies is Critical to Modern Warfare In This Ever-Changing World

Battlespace commanders require a full spectrum of secure computing products to assist them in swift decision-making throughout the air domain. Spectra Aerospace & Defense proudly supports these mission requirements by empowering our customers with a wide range of rugged End-to-End computing technologies intended for airborne deployment.

The Spectra family of companies’ C5ISR products and systems are suitable for many airborne applications, including:

  • High-Speed Data Acquisition & Playback
  • Data Processing & Routing
  • Secure, High-Density Data Storage
  • Rugged Data Displays and Peripherals

Spectra Aerospace & Defense solutions have been designed to cover everything from data capture & processing to distribution, display, and debriefing. Our systems provide an efficient and effective way to manage your mission-critical information.

The Spectra family of companies will continue to provide critical design and engineering ingenuity to maintain a strategic advantage for our customers operating in the air domain. Our team is committed to delivering world-class, rugged C5ISR products and support, as well as continuing to develop innovative technologies that give our warfighters a competitive edge in this ever-changing world.

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