Supply Chain Management

We Work in Close Partnership with Both Our Suppliers and Customers to Bring World-Class Products to the Market

The Spectra family of companies takes an analysis-based approach to Supply Chain Management, implementing best practices and sustainable methods supported by industry-recognized standards.

Spectra’s guiding principles on Supply Chain Management are straightforward. Acquire the right stock, at the right price, on time, every time.

Our Supply Chain Management process begins with defining our requirements for each product or service. We then evaluate potential suppliers against these requirements, looking for experience, qualifications, and an uncompromised commitment to quality. Only those suppliers who meet our highest standards are selected, and we continually monitor their performance to ensure that they continue to deliver the best possible products and services.

Our fundamental governance plan continuously evaluates our relationship with our suppliers, ensuring all objectives are monitored, audited, and maintained with the highest levels of integrity.

By building trust and fostering cooperation with our suppliers, we can maintain positive relationships that lead to long-term partnerships. This approach helps us ensure that our supply chain remains optimized, which is critical for the success of our business.

Spectra’s Supply Chain Management capabilities are known for their efficiency and reliability because we implement our customer’s demand forecast into the overall plan. This fundamental component ensures an ideal balance between sufficient inventory and surplus mitigation.

By using premium Open Architecture products, Spectra can provide its customers with extended product lifecycle support, individual lifecycle statements for all parts, and comparable alternatives if the need were to arise. This commitment to quality ensures that your mission is in safe hands with Spectra Aerospace & Defense.

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