Rapid Prototyping

Most Military Projects Start with a Prototype Phase or Low-Rate Initial Production

During this important phase, functional evaluation and field testing are performed to demonstrate proof of concept.

At this point, it is key to have availability of parts that are close to a final installation and hardware set.

The Spectra Aerospace & Defense family of companies offers a wide range of rugged computers, recorders, servers, displays, and peripherals. This range of product lines provides the building blocks for a quick and riskless re-design of a tailored product for each customer’s project. Well-balanced availability, the use of COTS components, and in-house hardware and software design across the Spectra companies give our engineers a leading edge to create a fast and flexible solution.

Supported by reliable partners and subsystem suppliers, our engineers can quickly develop a variant of an existing product model and start producing the first prototypes in a high-quality manner. This allows our partners’ engineers to start early integration design in the total system or platform. Interface documents, detailed drawings, and 3D models will be provided early in the design process which will shorten the customer’s integration cycle.

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