The XSR Family of Rugged Computing Products – Undefeated Choice for Unmanned Vehicles

In the ever-evolving landscape of unmanned vehicles, finding reliable, rugged, secure, and high-performance solutions is paramount. Galleon Embedded Computing, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology, offers a comprehensive range of products under their XSR family that caters to the demands of unmanned aerial, ground-based, and underwater vehicles. With a focus on long-duration data collection, rugged design, scalability, performance, security, and an open architecture, the XSR family stands out as the premium choice for unlocking the full potential of unmanned vehicles.

NIAP-Approved Dual-Layer Software Full Disk Encryption (SWFDE) & Hardware Full Disk Encryption (HWFDE)

The XSR HD Video Recorder, a standout among Galleon’s offerings, revolutionizes data capture capabilities. Equipped with advanced technology, this recorder enables uninterrupted, high-definition video capture, ensuring crucial mission data is preserved with exceptional clarity and fidelity. With its extended recording duration, operators can gather and analyze comprehensive visual information for enhanced situational awareness and precise decision-making.

Recognizing the significance of Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) constraints in unmanned vehicle operations, Galleon has designed the XSR family with an unwavering focus on minimizing these factors while maintaining ruggedness. The SWaP-centric design allows for more spatial freedom for the engineer, without compromising on functionality and reliability. For example, the XSR Rugged NAS (Network Attached Storage) serves as a compact, secure, rugged, yet robust network-attached storage solution, offering storage capacities ranging from 4TB to an impressive 80TB via the XSR Removable Data Module (RDM). The XSR Rugged NAS supports up to 13 Ethernet connections and is configurable as 1Gb, 10Gb, 25Gb, and 40Gb interfaces on both copper and optical media. This COTS module can seamlessly integrate into unmanned systems, ensuring maximum operational efficiency without compromising on durability.

The XSR family boasts a remarkable level of scalability, accommodating diverse unmanned vehicle requirements. Galleon’s XSR Mission Computer, for instance, provides a versatile platform for hosting various software applications and is compatible with multiple operating systems. This scalable nature ensures the XSR family can adapt to evolving needs, making it an ideal choice for future-proofing unmanned vehicle deployments. Additionally, The XSR Mission Computer features a comprehensive range of I/O interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 3.0 ports, serial ports, and HDMI or DisplayPort outputs. These interfaces enable seamless integration with sensors, cameras, displays, and other peripherals commonly used in unmanned vehicle applications.

Galleon XSR Tactical Secure Server

Galleon’s XSR products deliver exceptional bandwidth and performance, crucial for real-time data processing and seamless communication between unmanned vehicles and ground control stations. The XSR Gigabit Ethernet Recorder, capable of capturing and storing vast amounts of data in high-speed Ethernet networks, facilitates in-depth analysis, optimizing mission-critical decision-making processes. Additionally, the XSR Gigabit Ethernet Recorder does not compromise on rugged design, being tested up to the MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 standards. Such performance-oriented capabilities enable the seamless integration of unmanned systems into complex operational environments.

Safeguarding sensitive mission data is of paramount importance in unmanned vehicle operations. The XSR Tactical Secure Server, incorporating state-of-the-art encryption and security features, ensures data protection and prevents unauthorized access. This encryption also extends to data-at-rest keeping information protected while idle. Galleon’s commitment to security extends to all XSR products, assuring operators that their critical information remains confidential, even in hostile environments. To promote flexibility and interoperability, Galleon has embraced an open architecture approach with the XSR family. The XSR Serial FPDP Recorder, designed with open standards in mind, enables seamless integration with third-party systems and sensors. This interoperability not only simplifies system integration but also allows unmanned vehicle operators to harness the power of a wide array of technologies, expanding the capabilities and adaptability of their missions.

With the XSR family of products, Galleon Embedded Computing has solidified its position as the preferred choice for unmanned vehicles. The unrivaled features and capabilities, such as long-duration recording and HD video capture, SWaP-centric and rugged design, scalability, bandwidth and performance, security and encryption, and open architecture, empower operators to unlock the full potential of their unmanned systems. Whether it’s aerial, ground-based, or underwater vehicles, the XSR family provides the cutting-edge solutions necessary to meet the complex demands of modern unmanned operations, ensuring success and mission effectiveness at every turn.

Spectra Aerospace & Defense is a trusted and growing platform of C5ISR companies – CALCULEX, Galleon Embedded Computing, and ArgonFDS - bringing over a half-century of rugged, mission-ready, battle-tested experience to bear in aerospace and defense applications. From high-speed data acquisition, data recording and secure, high-density storage, to computing and rugged, clear display of mission data, Spectra delivers the products and subsystems needed for the most demanding military air, land, and sea platforms. With our comprehensive portfolio of rugged products, systems, and solutions, the Spectra family of companies’ customized end-to-end solutions for the C5ISR market help military end-users achieve mission success.


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