Global Defence Helicopter 2024


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October 22nd-24th, 2024 Warsaw, Poland TBD

As we look ahead to the Global Defence Helicopter 2024, Spectra Aerospace & Defense is eager to engage with the international community of aerospace and defense professionals. This event, scheduled for October 22-24, 2024 in Warsaw, Poland, offers a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

Spectra Aerospace & Defense, along with its distinguished companies – Galleon Embedded Computing, CALCULEX, and ArgonFDS, will be present as exhibitors. Our collective expertise covers a broad spectrum of mission-ready C5ISR solutions that have proven their mettle in challenging environments worldwide.

Our display will feature a range of Rugged Recorders, Computers, and Displays, each meticulously engineered to support missions on land, at sea, in the air, and even in the vacuum of space. These solutions embody the values we uphold at Spectra: mission-readiness, secure end-to-end information systems, and excellence in aerospace and defense. Several of these technological advancements have already been adopted into U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Standards, which speaks volumes about their efficacy and reliability.

However, our participation in Global Defence Helicopter 2024 extends beyond exhibiting our products. We are keen on fostering meaningful interactions and exploring potential collaborations. Consequently, we invite you to schedule a meeting with our team at the event. This can serve as a platform to delve deeper into your unique challenges and explore how our solutions can help overcome them.

We understand that the success of complex systems lies not just in the hardware but in the dedication and expertise of the professionals behind them. Our target audience, which includes engineers and scientists from various disciplines, play a crucial role in the development of deployable platforms. We look forward to hearing from you and learning from your experiences.

Join us on this journey towards shaping the future of aerospace and defense. Schedule a meeting today.

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