FSi Supplier Seminar 2024


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August 28th, 2024 Oslo, Norway TBD

As a beacon of engineering excellence and innovation, Spectra Aerospace & Defense is proud to announce our presence at the FSi Supplier Seminar 2024. This event, scheduled for August 28, will take place in the historic Akershus festning in Oslo. Our esteemed companies, CALCULEX, Galleon Embedded Computing, and ArgonFDS, will be representing us, underscoring our commitment to deliver mission-critical solutions in aerospace and defense.

Spectra Aerospace & Defense, an entity that represents over half a century of battle-tested experience, is dedicated to providing end-to-end C5ISR solutions. We have mastered the art of creating rugged, secure, and customized systems that seamlessly operate in challenging environments worldwide – on land, at sea, airborne, and even in the vast expanse of space.

Our showcase at the FSi Supplier Seminar will feature our state-of-the-art Rugged Recorders, Computers, and Displays. These products are the epitome of our relentless pursuit of technological advancement, designed to withstand the harshest conditions while delivering optimal performance. They serve as testament to our unwavering commitment to support the warfighter, whether on the ground, at sea, in the air, or out in space.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and innovation. We encourage you to meet with our team of experts, to explore how our solutions can enhance your platforms. To facilitate this, we have included a webform at the end of this post to schedule a meeting with our team. A conversation with us could be the first step towards achieving mission success, as many of our technological developments have already been adopted into defense standards worldwide.

In the world of aerospace and defense, where reliability and precision are paramount, Spectra Aerospace & Defense stands as a trusted partner. Our presence at the FSi Supplier Seminar 2024 affirms our commitment to delivering excellence, and we look forward to engaging with you there.

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